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kids on server

Message  kawon91 le Mar 4 Jan - 17:19

Everytime I was playing on your cod5 public server, players whos was playing there kicked me with reason that I have some cheats. But Iam NOT CHEATER!! And today it was really incredible, on server were about 15 players when I connected I made about 3 kills and in a moment they kicked me without reason, and I registered that 9 players voted F1, so this is not normal. So EVERYONE should think of themselves, because kicking someone without reason and in that fact other players dont know for what they are kicking him but they are clicking F1 yet... I have nerves to the exploding from such stupids kids without brain whos just make the game boring! ..... And I want to know where they are live and kill them. Very Happy .....!!! It will be better if some admins will visit the server more........ My nick ingame is "vidlak"

Sorry for my english...


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